Social Media has ruined Birthdays- We're fixing them #imbringingbirthdaysback

March 22, 2016

Social media is ruining the tradition  of speeding love and kindness through  cards, specially handmade cards and Shannon West Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Training Manager have created a campaign to bring birthdays back.  As part of her campaign she also have designed a stamp that would be manufacture  by Stampin’ Up! 

And today I read some news: TOMORROW MORNING a #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp will be launched  to the European market and will be available in my shop HERE

Stamp  #imbringingbirthdaysback  item 143573

In USA #imbringingbirthdaysback campaign is so popular  that  the stamp was sold out in just a few hours after its launching. Will be the same case here but no worries another good news is that  here in Europe, the stamp become part of our current stamp offering for the foreseeable future.

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I'll  be happy to send a birthday card to the first 50 people who leave a comment below in this post letting me know that they want to receive a card in that special day  from me. No matter where you are! :) 

I'll start sending cards in April if your birthday is in January, February or March don't worry I'll post your card next year. 

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  1. Love this idea Bibi, hoping this stamp will make it to Australia. I would love to receive one of your delightful cards. Cheers Donna Z :) PS I understand if you can't post to Australia so it's all good!

    1. Hi Donna, I'll post your birthday card to Australia :) Ill keep in touch with you shortly to get your details. :)

    2. Hi Donna, could you please email me at your name, birthday date and address please. thanks. x

  2. Hi Bib,
    I would love to receive a birthday card from you!

    1. Hi Terry could you please email me at your full name, birthday date and address please. thanks

  3. Hello Bibi, I think this is a great idea, can't wait to see the card.
    Thanks x

  4. I'm so happy you are getting this stamp overseas, mine just arrived yesterday in the states! I'm excited to get to use it. What a great idea to challenge your self this way. I went down my friends list on face book and started gathering addresses so I could mail cards this year.


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